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WARNING (Watching From A Distance) CD

It doesn't happen very often, that an album isn't available anymore shortly after its release, but in the case of WARNING this is exactly what happened. Everyone who's aware of the musical qualities from this group should know that something like this wasn't a real surprise. First 'Watching From A Distance' was released in 2006, through The Mikatonic Foundation, and anybody who supposed that WARNING did already reach their peak with the previous album 'The Strength To Dream' was wrong. It's simply unbelievable with which power and emotionality WARNING perform their epic compositions. Like the debut album 'Watching From A Distance' consists of five long songs with a running time between 7+ - 12+ minutes. In comparison to the debut WARNING reduced the pace more and the expressive clear vocals from guitarist Pat Walker is so intense by now that it's not possible for me to describe it with words. It's so intriguing to listen how the band accomplish to hold the balance between heavy-duty relentlessness and captivating sadness, without being kitschy or too ballsy. This is only one of the reasons, why WARNING do not only play their music. No, it's more like a sacred celebration, what this three guys are doing here.

Therefore it's absolutely advisable to listen to 'Watching From A Distance' en bloc, because this is the only way how the music can unfurl it cathartic and spiritual potency. I'm always enthusiastic about the fact, that WARNING doesn't need any refrains or guitar solo to create an enormous tension and so they are in a class of one's own. This massive, striking wall-of-sound is the background for Pat Walker's lyrics, who recite them like a classical actor. As regards content it concerns about broken relationships, longings and the loss from a beloved person and even here WARNING demonstrate style and brilliance. The hassle with that topics has no childish or pubertal undertone, but it's full of honesty and self-reflection. So the band achieve a depth, which not much other Doom Bands achieved until now. With their second album WARNING attest that they are a very extraordinary band and all my thanks goes out to Cyclone Empire, who re-released the album in 2008, so that everyone can enjoy this monolithic beauty. I'm impressed!