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December, 8th 1999 at Arena / Oberhausen, GER

Something beforehand. I´ve never seen Black Sabbath live before in the original line-up, I´m born too late for this. And I only know the sound from the records.The concert really blown me away. O.K. I´m was in the Arena and waited expectantly for the Sabbath´s. The first act was DRAIN, a Swedish female Hardrock band, and I must say, respect, they sounded good. The second act was GODSMACK from the states and they played some of this new kind of Metal/Hardcore that comes out of the states. They sounded very boring to me. Every song sounded the same. You don´t know how long 45 min can be!

Now it was time for BLACK SABBATH. Suddenly sirens filled the "Arena" and the first shuddering power chord of War Pigs makes the people scream. It was a mystical aura which the band has considerable. The Geezer bass really knocked me out! It carries the complete sound construction of each song. It sounded much more heavier than on any record I´ve ever listened to. Ozzy was also great. He had fun and played with the crazy crowd. And he was like a big child on stage. Bill Ward has done magic on the drumkit, and played with no mercy. Iommi rounded the whole thing with his charisma and coolness. He has something majestic in his nature. They played the songs that most people expected. Songs like N.I.B., Black Sabbath, Snowblind and so on. You´ve really felled the fun they had to make music with each other again. They proofed, that they still are the Sabbath from the 70´s. No compromise! At all it was a very great concert and for me it will be the greatest I´ve ever seen. For all people who haven´t seen them, I can say purchase the LAST SUPPER video!

(Marko Schmidt)