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"I AM VENGEANCE" is the first psychedelic underground psycho slasher flick, where only Doom and Heavy Rock bands appear in the film's soundtrack, which is splited into Vol. 1 and Vol.2. Volume 1 has been already released on MeteorCity Records and Volume 2 will be issued by Game Two Records, somewhere in the future. The man behind "IAV" is Richard R. Anasky, who directed and produced the movie. Richard is not only a huge fan of obscure 60's LSD films and early horror/exploitation stuff. He's also a lover of all the classic Doom bands, like Count Raven, Pentagram or Witchfinder General f.e. Apart of "IAV" he shot a video-clip for Swedish heavy fuzz space rockers Space Probe Taurus, who are also featured on Vol.1

"I AM VENGEANCE" is the story about the tragic character David William Hughes, and it details his transformations from a happy content (and ultra sheltered) mama's boy to a suicidal, drug addicted, vengeance seeking, self proclaimed prophet for the new millennium. He's gone through hell into hell, due to the sheer multitude of misfortune that befalls David William Hughes. I like to thank Richard for the amazing pics from the movie and his patience. Originally, my first plans for this presentation, which is nearly two years old, should include an interview with Richard, but due to the wicked ways of life it never happened. Anyway, don't use the photos without permission, or David William Hughes will tear your worthless heart out!