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JUNE, 1th 2001 at the FZW / Dortmund, GER

After only six months SPIRIT CARAVAN were coming back to Europe for a short tour (only 13 days ) through Germany, Belgium and the UK. Today was their first tour day and it should happen at the FZW in Dortmund. This FZW is something like a sacred place for me, because I had the chance to see SAINT VITUS there in 1989 and 1990. Two gigs, that will stay in my mind forever. Now back in 2001, another amazing gig would happen tonight. SRC gigs are always something special for me, because it´s like, as if I meet good old friends.

So, that was one of the reasons why I couldn´t see the opening act DUKES OF NOTHING. I spent all the time backstage (thanks for food and everything else, Gary!), but people described their sound as a mixture between Hardcore and Motörhead. I think there are some ex-ACRIMONY / IRON MONKEY members in the line-up. After a short break SPIRIT CARAVAN entered the stage and they started with the first three songs from the new album "Elusive Truth". The sound was very clear, loud and powerful and the whole audience were starting to dance or they were just hypnotized by the beauty of this massive and soulful wall of sound. Wino, Gary and Sherman were playing so precise and tight and they were so full of energy, it was just great to see. They played a lot of songs from the first album ( No Hope Goat Farm, Sea Legs, Powertime, Healing Tongue, Cosmic Artifact, Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun etc. ) and nearly the whole "Dreamwheel" MLP. A great surprise for me were two new tracks (sorry, but I´ve got no titles), that I´d never heard before. Both songs were fantastic. The first one goes more in an OBSESSED direction, while the other is groovier and Sherman shows again that he´s a great singer, too. I hope, that SRC will release both tracks in this year.

For all the ST. VITUS fans, the band played "Looking Glass", one of the songs that Wino had written while he was part of VITUS. After two hours the band finished and I would say, everyone was really satisfied. It was the fourth time, that I´ve seen SPIRIT CARAVAN, but this was their best gig from all four (it doesn´t mean that the other three were worse!). This band is absolut authentic, charismatic and honest and maybe one of the most touring bands on this planet. That are only a few reasons, why SPIRIT CARAVAN are a strong musical force. After the gig I´ve talked to other people and everybody was still in trance. If you have the chance to see them live, do it where ever you can. At least I like to greet my friends, all the other people I´ve met at this evening and of course Wino, Gary and Sherman. Hope to see you soon!


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