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60's/70's ROOTS

Volume 1

Beside the Doombands, I like a lot of the less-known Hardrock bands from the end 60's / early 70's. At this point I must mention that Doom/Stoner isn't only based on BLACK SABBATH riffs, a lot of those bands are also influenced by other bands out of this time. Beside the big well-known acts, like for example BLACK SABBATH, ATOMIC ROOSTER, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, (early) UFO, BUDGIE, MOUNTAIN or DEEP PURPLE there were a lot of bands, which only released one or two LP's and never reached a greater publicity.


Volume 2

Here's the second part in this Cosmic Lava section. This time my friend Rolf Kowalski is responsible for all reviews and I've added only a few words. He's a die-hard collector of 60's and 70's Rock and we both have chosen some forgotten heavy pearls.


Volume 3

It's time to start the third round of the "60's/70's Roots" with ten new jewels of forgotten heavy-psych groups. Once again Rolf and I have picked out ten rare items for your pleasure to broaden your musical horizon and to show that this inspiring period had more to offer than the well-known giants which have left their footprints in musical history.


"When the truth is found to be lies..."

If there's one band in the 60's, that embodies the Westcoast-sound, it's Jefferson Airplane. Ok, there were the Grateful Dead, The Byrds and Love , but that's another story. Particularly their greatest hits "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit", both covered by a million of bands, made this band so famous. Jefferson Airplane the 1965-70 era. In this feature, I like to present the first four album excelled in the psychedelic domain and in their penchant for pretentious track titles, which came to characterise s, because they are the most essential of the influential history of Jefferson Airplane.

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