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Here are some cool photos from the second European SAINT VITUS tour (with Wino) in 1990, taken at the FZW in Dortmund, Germany. This time with COUNT RAVEN as support act, and it was a truly impressive night as well as the first tour in '89. They played for two hours with songs ranging from the first self-titled record to the 'V' album. The 'Live' album (released after this tour) gives you a good impression of that special monolithic almost three dimensional wass of sound from one of the greatest real heavy bands, which emerged from Sabbath's womb. I must admit, that both tours changed my (musical) taste (together with a gig from THE OBSESSED at April 1991). Both SAINT VITUS shows, I've seen in '89 and '90 are still two of the best gigs that I've ever seen in my life. Please, don't use any of this photos without permission.