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In the 70's...

In the 70's Japan had some fine bands to offer like FAR EAST FAMILY BAND, BLUES CREATION, CONDITION GREEN, FLOWER TRAVELLIN´ BAND, FLIED EGG, APRYL FOOL, SHINGETSU or MAKI & CARMEN 2 , just to mention a few.These groups were playing different styles, that ranges from the Heavy-Psych-Blues like BLUES CREATION to Bluesy Hardrock (APRYL FOOL) to the Westcoast influenced Heavy-Progressive sound of CONDITION GREEN or the symphonic Space Rock of FAR EAST FAMILY BAND. Some of these groups use their eastern roots in their music. A fact, that makes the music interesting and outstanding. In this section I'm focused on two of my favourite bands BLUES CREATION and FLOWER TRAVELLIN BAND. If you're a fan of 70's Hardrock, Japanese acts are well worth to get discover from you. Maybe it's hard to find these records, but it isn't impossible! Check out the website of RECORD HEAVEN. There you will find more Japanese music from the 70´s.

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