Here is the latest album from this Italian band, released in 1998. The roots lie in metal-influenced hardcore punk and extend as far back as 1982. Well, it's long ago and meanwhile WARHEAD has more in common musically with bands like Black Sabbath and more heavy bands from the early 70's. 'Sand'Son' includes nine songs, mostly very catchy and a couple of interesting changes within the whole running time. A few songs have stronger heavy metal influences, while other ones are deeply ingrained in the 70's. Especially the vocalist reminds me to Rod Evans (Deep Purple, Captain Beyond).  They slow down the pace if necessary, and fans of Trouble, Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus should give this album a chance. Paul Chain has produced 'Sand'Son', and  played the guitar solos in three songs. Furthermore, he released it on his own label New LM Records. That's what I call a good support. For more infos about WARHEAD, please take a look at the interview. 'Sand'Son' is far away from being a masterpiece, but it's a pretty solid work that I'll enjoy.