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January 2000 - WARHEAD

WARHEAD from Italy show that their country has more to offer than only Death SS, or Paul Chain. Their latest album 'Sand'Son', released by New LM Records, delivers a good blend of Hardrock, Doom with a bit of vintage 70's Punk. It's not groundbreaking, but a honest statement from an authentic Italian band. By the way, it's always a pleasure to discover a band, that gives a shit about the current trends. Reason enough to feature the band here, so I did this interview with Fabio at the beginning of 2000.


Please, tell us something about the beginning of WARHEAD. When did you form the band, any previous bands, which members etc. ?

WARHEAD is born in 1982 as one of the first attempts in Italy to create a crossover between Punk and Heavy Metal, similar to what HELLACOPTERS or GLUECIFER are doing in present days, and it evolved in search of a personal musical and esotherical language, that drove it to melting more and more with Hardrock, through the complicity of Paul Chain and Kevin Throath, until the present line-up, stable since 1995. The actual band includes the two guitarists and former members Fabio Scipioni and Fuast Colasanti, Kevin Throath as singer, Walter Vincenti and Walter Sacripanti as bass guitar and drums respectively. This is the combo who recorded 'Sand'Son' in '98 and that's planing to produce the next album. For more informations about history and discography you can check out our website: www.bluto.it/warhead

Sorry, but I've only less informations about the Italian Doom/Heavy Rock scene. Is there a scene? Are there any underground record labels, venues or other bands with exception of Paul Chain, Death SS or Wildduck?

The Italian Doom scene is really small. There are good bands like MALOMBRA or STANDARTE, closer to the Gothic scene. As for Heavy Metal, there are hundreds of bands that exist in the underground circuit, with few exceptions like RHAPSODY who are known outside Italy. As for the Stoner scene, we know that UFOMAMMUTH and THAT'S ALL FOLKS! signed for VINYLMAGIC 3, the only Italian label specialized in this genre, the same that distributes our CD and produced a NATAS release. Another good Heavy and Doom label is MINOTAURO REC., the Paul Chain first label, and the BLACK WIDOW REC., that produced the last work of PENTAGRAM, STANDARTE and even a BLUE CHEER tribute.

From where do you draw influences? Do you listen to other Doom/Heavy Rock stuff? Which bands do you like?

Through 18 years of activity and being great music consumers, we have been influenced by a myriad of bands, by the Hardrock of the 70's, by Punk '77 and HM of the 80's, from Street Metal to Grunge in the 90's, by all Doom and Gothic scenes, without leave out the Trash and Grind ones. Practically, all the Hard Rock produced in the last 20 years around the world and we can't say that we're inspired by a particular band or genre, but by the culture that these different kind of music gave us. Now we follow with great interest the Doom-Heavy-Stoner scene that we deem it to be sincere and stimulant. We have good relationship with CATHEDRAL and we like all the Lee Dorrian productions with the RISE ABOVE REC., we also love PENTAGRAM and the great Wino's SPIRIT CARAVAN. We follow the Dutch scene of BEAVER, 7 ZUMA 7 and 35007, and we find interesting the American Desert Rock of UNIDA, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (KYUSS) and ATOMIC BITCHWAX.

Do you think that it's possible for a genre like Doom Metal to become more popular? What do you think about a term like "stonerrock"? Is it more than just a media hype?

Speaking of Doom, it's a genre that can grow a little more, it can expands it's market, but probably it will remain a cult genre, like Dark and Gothic. In contrary to what happened with the Grunge, that had a particular city, Seattle, that created clothes, a defined music style, a movie and a fashion to sell and export all around the world, the word "Stoner" is born from the need to define something existing yet and that maybe is alwys existed, far from reflectors and from the majors. They called this genre Space Rock, Acid Rock, Psychedelia, today they call it Heavy Psych, Desert Rock, Cosmic Groove. We think the word "Stoner" better individualizes not only the type of music but also the bands attitude in the cosmic and esotheric interpretation of the energy. So we don't think Stoner Rock is a monicker created by the music industry and press with commercial aims, even if in the melting with Stoner, the Doom Metal has surely more chances to grow its audience, if not rise to success.

Do you have any plans to make a tour here in Germany or Holland?

We'd be really happy to play in Germany or Holland, but we haven't contacts with German tour managers nowadays. When the opportunity will be offered, we'll surely come, we hope within the year. The only sure program we have for 2000 is to record the new stuff at the PAUL CHAIN STUDIOS. O.K., it's all for now. We wish you all the best luck for your E-Zine and for your band. Stay Heavy!

Thanks a lot for doing this interview with me. Good luck with WARHEAD, and stay in touch.