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TOTIMOSHI (?Mysterioso?) CD

Hey, TOTIMOSHI are back! Ok, they don't come with a new album, but with a re-issued version of the second one "Mysterioso?", which has been released in 2002 by Crucial Blast and Berserker Records. But Berserker Records went down and vanished, so that it became not easy to find a copy of it. Now three years later,  Crucial Blast decided to re-release the CD as a re-tooled version, featuring enhanced CD-ROM extras, including a video, photos and more. This is a real nice package, and the bonus material is more than just a lame gimmick. Back in 2002 I had written an informative review about "Mysterioso", which you can find here, and it still represents what I think about the band today. Last year, the band toured together with the Melvins and Helmet, and both groups have been an important influence for the band as well as bands like Jesus Lizard or Unsane. Needless to say, that TOTIMOSHI continue to carve out it's own path, and after three full-length releases and a massive positive feedback from the underground media in '02 and '03, they should be ready for the fourth chapther of their sonic free-form odyseey. Hope it will come very soon........