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TOTIMOSHI (Mysterioso?) CD

Once again a band that's hard to classify, and that always a good point for me to start with. "Mysterioso?" was released last year 2001 on the excellent underground label Berserker Records in co-operation by Crucial Blast Records. I think, in the early 90's, a label as Noise Amphetamine Reptile Records could have been released stuff like this. The music of TOTOMOSHI is a hard-hitting combination between Noiserock, Metal, 70's Heavy Rock and New Wave. For me, this are obvious influences in the music of TOTIMOSHI. Sometimes more, sometimes less. What finally counts is the result and this three-piece creates such an overwhelming and intense heavy sound, that gives a fuck about musical boundaries. The sound is restless and always in motion, only the very bizarre and funny "Vitreol-A" is total different to the other seven tracks.

Aside of the heavy guitar-riffs of Antonio Aguilar, who's also responsible for the emotional and diverse vocals, he knows to integrate a few weird guitar melodies and tones into the powerful sound. The double-bassdrum attacks of Johann Zamora are still blowing my head away, especially the first songs are a good example how his whole playin' comprimizes the sound. Meg Castellanos virtous played low-end bass keeps together the nervous vibe of the songs. A song as "Screwed" is a fine adrenaline-fueled burner, and one of the catchiest songs here, while "Horselaugh" is close to the Melvins. Mostly the songs are complex and rich at chord and rythm changes, played on a high entertaining level. Sadly, this kind of music won't reach more attention, but for the ones who interested enough enter the mysterious world of TOTIMOSHI. Check out the band's homepage for additional informations.