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I was pleased to note that THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY has been signed by Christian Peters' Electric Magic Records. A few years ago, this German band has sent me their 'Red Desert Blues EP' (review here), and I enjoyed it. I concluded the review with the words: "Let's hope that they get signed as soon as possible". Good to know that my wish was heard.

Those of you who are sick and tired of generic heavy rock should definitely give THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY a try. You will get a murky, noisy and heavy mix that draws influences from different sources. The press info cites names such as AC/DC, Fu Manchu, Melvins, Unsane and ZZ Top, and I think this comes very close to what THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY are doing here. It's a lot of fun to hear music that wasn't created with the burden of any inhibitions, and that is why I have nothing but good things to say about this particular album. THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY reduced their music to its most primal elements, which allowed each and every note to be emphasized in the maelstrom of heaviness from one track to the next.

It's obvious that THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY stretched the confines of their music to the exact point of implosion and then harvested the wreckage to assemble an unpredictable stew of the pieces. In addition to this comes a bizarre, twisted sense of humor, at least that's what I think, because there are no lyrics in the booklet. My overall impression is that this record is a natural progression from 'Red Desert Blues', and those who like it should settle in comfortably for the ride. This is well woth a listen.