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This disc offers up a full measure of rip-roaring rock 'n' roll goodness and that from a young German band with the unique name THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY!. Now who would have guessed that! Additionally, their filthy sound has been refined with a solid 1970's hardrock-edge. 'Nuclear Sunrise' could be an unreleased track from The Obsessed, preferably of the early days while 'Two Face' cannot deny it's Ted Nugent influence. The raw and noisy production has done justice to the eight songs, which have been performed at the dead of night during two recording sessions.

It was very important for the band to capture a genuine, earthy sound and they succeeded in doing that. The result is an almost perfectly balanced blend of raw, hook-heavy guitars, vocals that are alternately snarled and howled, and strong, memorable song-writing. These tracks come at you nice and hard, but with a surprising melodic undertone that sneaks itself in there. The 'Red Desert Blues EP' shows a band that is rocking out to such intense proportions that you fear for both their safety and your own.

'My Little Cat' delivers full blast heavy rock 'n' roll with no apologies while the opener 'Death Race Driver' blurs the borderlines between noise rock and punk rock. You may have noticed already that THIS IS GHOST COUNTRY! process different influences with the aim to create an ass kickin' heavy brew. 'Red Desert Blues EP' is a successful start and I can imagine that this four guys are a strong force on stage. Let's hope that they get signed as soon as possible. Cheers!