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'Analog' has been released over a year ago, and I do not know why it took me so long to write this review. The music cannot be the reason, because this Russian power trio is one of the world's best heavy instrumental jam bands and 'Analog' confirms that statement. Released by R.A.I.G. in April 2011, it invites the listener to an exciting lysergic musical journey. Once again, the tour guide is guitarist Ilya Lipkin whose virtuoso psychedelic, earthy guitar style captivates me very soon, just like on their debut album 'Revealed Gravitation' (review here). He delivers 62 minutes of highly emotive guitar leads that would leave most guitarists whimpering. The guitar solos are tastefully woven into the overall structure, never becoming too obtrusive. They tell stories and this is precisely why a vocalist would be misplaced here.

But what would a good guitarist be without a strong rhythm section? Nothing. But here too, THE RE-STONED satisfies on the whole line. Bassist Vladimir Nikulin and drummmer Vladimir Muchnov (one of Moscow's best drummer, who is also in Ark Of Passage and Lord Of Doubts) form a pulsing and tight rhythm section which provides enough space for Ilya Lipkin's heartwarming guitar excursions. No wonder then that each of the included seven songs never runs out of track. This is all the more surprising, because most of the cuts are between seven and fourteen minutes long. THE RE-STONED never lose focus, no matter in which direction they are heading.

A further bonus of 'Analog' is its variety. 'Music For Jimmy' reveals the funky side of the band and I can well imagine that it's a reference to Hendrix' Band of Gypsys. 'Dream Of Vodyanoy' is a scorching trip to the far outer regions of an unknown sonic galaxy and especially the use of keyboard f/x ensure a cozy psychoactive feel. By the way, that is not the only song where the band underpins the songs with these f/x and its a prefect fit. Bottomline: these cats deliver the goods. It's really heavy, dark, intense, wonderful music. Buy this. The only drawback is the name of the band, but finally the music is far more important, isn't it?