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THE RE-STONED (Revealed Gravitation) CD

THE RE-STONED is an admittedly silly choice for a band name, but fortunately the music is much better than their moniker. Hailing from Moscow, 'Revealed Gravitation' is the first album, which has been released in 2010 by the Russian record label RAIG. In contrast to the very unimaginative band name, the eleven tracks have a lot to offer. Their heavy sound is based on the 1970's covering a wide range of musical styles. And the best part of it all is that THE RE-STONED are able to channel all their influences in a multi-phased statement of true virtuosity. For example, 'Moriarty's Blues' is an organ-driven hardrock monster with a brilliant middle section where especially bassist Vladimir Nikultin demonstrates his funky bass skills that takes the song in a completely different direction.

But guitarist Ilya Lipkin, too, shines with his excellent guitar work. Regardless whether he pulls out big rip-roaring riffs as, for example, in 'Gravitation' or invokes the spirit of Jimi Hendrix with the help of impeccably fluid guitar solos, his playing remains powerful and varied. Therefore it is only logical that THE RE-STONED do not need a vocalist, because he/she would only distract of the band's strengths. This is a power trio making a lot of noise, sounding big, jammy and hard-edged all at once. Even if they reveal their psychedelic and progressive leanings, this three guys stay focused and never lose their hard-hitting attitude.

During such moments THE RE-STONED are situated close to heavy jam bands such as Iota or Earthless, because they also understand their craft. Additionally, there is no lack of ideas. There are a lot of carefully crafted arrangements, which knows how to constantly surprise the listener with another sonic detail. 'Orient of Doom' is refined with a strong Arabian flavor as well as an acoustic percussion instrument named jembe. This track is just one of many highlights on this album and it would take several hours to list them all here. THE RE-STONED can become a major figurehead for the Russian classic/heavy rock scene and 'Revealed Gravitation' is truly an amazing, diversified debut. So, don't let the band name fool you, because this is not the next mediocre "stonerrock" band.