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For a short time it looked as if Erik Larson (ex-Alabama Thunderpussy, ex-Axehandle, and a lots more) has joined Morne, because he was the drummer on their European tour in 2008, but then it all came totally different. Together with drummer Ryan Wolfe (ex-Facedowninshit), he formed THE MIGHT COULD in early 2009 and here we have their first full-length, released via Small Stone Records in 2011. Due to the cover artwork, you would think that this is the next classic retro 70s rock act, but THE MIGHT COULD have only the blues and loudness in common with Blue Cheer. In all other respects, however, all ten tracks mark a return to Erik Larson's unique brand of southern styled, metal-tinged rock. It is therefore more than fair to draw comparisons between Alabama Thunderpussy and THE MIGHT COULD.

What ties them is their passion for metal and southern rock, but THE MIGHT COULD tackle the game with more roughness and savagery. This album is very powerful, heavy and raw, packed from beginning to end with thundering hooks, smoking riffs and booze-filled vocals. TJ Childers and Erik Larson do not only provide a crushing twin-guitar assault, but are also sharing the vocals although it has to be said that there is not a huge gap between their styles. The rhythm section, consisting of bassist "The Rob" Gouldman and Ryan Wolfe, is tight and aggressive and loud. Well, basically the whole album is loud, but especially the voluminous sound of the drums can be recognized immediately. When I listened to this album for the first time, I was blown away by its straight forward, sometimes in your face approach.

Emotions ranging from belligerence and fury to brooding solemnity and hostility whatever it is you'd call the impulse to tip a bottle of backyard hooch all alone in the middle of the night in a familiar place. There is a tasteful display of depth in the songwriting that is liberated and comes along completely natural and unforced. Worth mentioning is also the overpowering authenticity of their sound. The delta blues is in their blood, and, without it, they could not stay alive. It is just as important as their love for heavy metal and hardrock. All of this has been perfectly captured by Vince Burke (Beaten Back To Pure) who recorded, mixed and mastered the album together with THE MIGHT COULD in the Sniper studios. This a great debut with an attitude that is, uncompromising, occasionally ironic and that never succumbs to pathos.