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For me, the second album from THE FLYING EYES is one of the most anticipated releases in 2011 and they didn't disappoint me with 'Done So Wrong'. The band has obviously put a lot of effort into making a great sounding album and THE FLYING EYES kept on moving forwards instead of re-recording their self-titled debut. I can still hear some of the bluesy elements that are an integral part of their sound, but the band is tighter and more compact than on the first record. It is furthermore noticeable that there are far more psychedelic influences while the balance of vocals and instrumental sections provides more depth to the songs. One of THE FLYING EYES's best attributes is their ability to write songs that totally grow on you and seep into your skin listen after listen.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes, not a 30-second sample start, for most of the tracks on 'Done So Wrong' to begin to stimulate into your synapses, but the wait's worth it. If you are seeking for heavy fuzz-drenched acid-laced guitar work you will get plenty of it. Adam Bufano fills the music with powerful ringing riffs that twist into blazing melodies, paired with Mac Hewitt's muscular bass that runs just underneath it. Sometimes it's a little like being swept off by a very small tidal wave. And of course it's riddled with Elias Schutzman's strong and dynamic drums. But THE FLYING EYES injects a couple of other sounds - they have integrated acoustic guitars in 'Overboard' while 'Leave It All Behind' is pure acoustic ear candy, combining country folk and blues.

In my first review I compared Will Kelly's voice with Jim Morrison but meanwhile it is clear that he's doing his own thing. As already successfully proven with the previous release, the dark and soulful timbre of his voice exudes true grit that complements the pulsing beat of the drums and bass. 'Done So Wrong' is one of those albums that challenges and takes time to reveal itself. Give it a chance and it will grow on you like a fungus. It's pretty deep, sincere and a massively heavy work in the grand tradition of dark psychedelia. This well produced, thoughtful album is a great place to begin or continue your exploration of THE FLYING EYES. Highly recommended for repeated listening and worth every penny.