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SUN GODS IN EXILE (Thanks For The Silver) CD

The debut album of SUN GODS IN EXILE, 'Black Light, White Lines' was one of my personal musical highlights in 2009. This was particularly due to the fact that these guys were able to write irresistible, hook laden songs. Moreover, they have an excellent and charismatic singer in their ranks. Because of my enthusiasm I did an interview (click here) with the guys to find out more about the magic of SUN GODS IN EXILE. Since then, a few have years have passed and sometimes I was afraid that these cats call it quits but fortunately, I was mistaken. Finally, SUN GODS IN EXILE are back, equipped with their second album. There have been a couple of changes to ensure that the listener will discover a new side of their sound.

Their hard-edged rock has not only been strongly extended towards southern rock, but also for a fifth band member named Christopher Neal, who is playing keyboards and slide guitar. With 'Thanks For The Silver', SUN GODS IN EXILE crafted a very strong album of 1970's-tinged southern rock, that runs the spectrum from loud and nasty to spiritual and deep although its sound and feel never dares to stray from the hard rock base on which it is planted. 'Thanks For The Silver' is insanely loaded with a potential so dangerous that it should soon become apparent to you that there's a gunslinger on the cover for no small reason. The bullets will hit you, but when it hits, it is sweet ambrosia. From the opening chords of 'Hammer Down', I was grabbed and once again vocalist/guitarist Adam Hitchcock delivers that tune with flawless perfection. But in other respects, too, the band cuts a damn fine figure. The keyboards of Chris Neal fit perfectly with the song, giving the impression that he was in the band right from the start.

'Smoke And Fire' leaves the southern path and is reminiscent of Ted Nugent whereas 'Broken Bones' could've been an outtake from the great debut full-length. The title track is the ultimate blues-soaked power ballad by the band. I can well imagine that some people would call that tune kitschy, but I really like the soulful Skynyrd-esque vibe here. Well actually, I could say a few good words about each song (a total of 10) on this album, because I can't find a weak one. SUN GODS IN EXILE is a band that packs a punch and 'Thanks For The Silver' is a smashing successor, even though I don't think it's better than 'Black Light, White Lines'.