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SITHTER (The Last Temptation) 7"

About eight years ago, I received a killer demo from a Japanese sludge band named Psychotoblack. I was so enthusiastic that I did an interview with these cats which you can read here. Thus, as so often in music history, the band disappeared from the screen, what was really too bad because Psychotoblack had lot of potential. But a few days ago, I got this debut 7" from SITHTER, and I was delighted to see that the band emerged from the ashes of Psychotoblack.

However, when I put the needle on the record I almost jumped out of my seat for joy. This two-tracker (released by Folklore Sessions) is a pure unadulterated sludge orgy of the heaviest order. It seems almost superfluous to mention that these two cuts are brutal as fuck. SITHTER sounds fucking ugly, and that's sincere flattery, as it's something that countless bands of similar nature strive for.

The A-Side, 'The Last Tempation', kicks off in best EyeHateGod style with the difference that each component is filthier, noisier and heavier. Everything is in its proper place: The weighty, earth-shuddering riffs, the anxiety-inducing feedback, the tortured vocals, the crushing beats as well as the rumbling basslines. Then there follows 'Scarlet' on the B-Side, and SITHTER emphasize their psychotic nature without losing their sense for well-structured songs. That's exactly why I won't forget this mind-blowing 7" so quickly. This stuff is raw and sweaty and pissed. A perfect lesson in power.