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Interview August 2004 - PSYCHOTOBLACK

Readers who are interested in extreme music are aware of the fact, that Japan is one of the main spots on this earth where a lot of unique sonic creations were born. No matter if it's harsh noise, avantgarde music, industrial hardcore or heavy doom sludge - in Japan you can find it all, played in its most inspiring and bizarre form. Apart of more well-known acts like Corrupted, Boris, Sigh or Church Of Misery there are some outstanding unknown bands in the Japanese underground to find and PSYCHOTOBLACK are one of them. Their four-song demo is a brutal heavy slab of massive sludge metal, influenced by the usual suspects as Grief and/or EyeHateGod, but served in an own convincing way. After PSYCHOTOBLACK's sonic assault had shredded my mind for several times it was a must for me to feature this band with an interview in the Cosmic Lava. I talked with Nobuyuki Sentou to get more informations about this band, and give you the advice to discover PSYCHOTOBLACK now!


Welcome to Cosmiclava! Your demo is one of the most skull-crushing releases I received in the last months. Are you aware of the massive power that your industrial-tinged sludge sickness got?

No. Buy I'm glad that you say so.

The demo contains four tracks that are bleak to the bone and definitely devastating. I'm still excited about songs like "Engrave the Misery" or "Risen from the Grave" f.e. Please, tell us somthing about the way you create songs!

Our making songs are mainly free session at studio. I play some riffs on bass and develop it all together.

Is it important for the band to get into a special mood or state of mind, before recording such uber-heavy anti-human anthems of  horror and pain?

Yes it is!!!!! Especially Takano (vocals) gets into that mood well.

Apart of the usual musical influences (Black Sabbath, EyeHateGod, Grief etc.) what other bands or musical styles do you dig?

Many bands. Discharge, King Crimson, Corrupted, Carcass, Slayer, Led Zeppelin, Misfits, and so on.

When I listened with a good friend of mine to the demo he noticed the cold and reverb-filled production. It sounds as if you have recorded the songs in a huge factory shed. Where have you recorded the demo and what do you think about it today?

We recorded at Shige's (guitar) studio. This studio is his room. He remodeled recording studio. So, this demo became the result to which can be convinced.

Please, tell us something about the beginning of PSYCHOTOBLACK. When was the band formed, and what was your inspiration?

We was formed in 2000. Members of the band were Takano (vocals),Shingo (guitar) and Saitou (drums). At first, band's sound was Metalcore sound. Bassist changed a few times. I joined the band. Band's sound gradually changes. Doom, Sludge by me.

When I see the demo-cover and some images on your website, I guess that you draw influences from morbid or obscure horror thriller flics. Can you agree, and tell me some of your favourite films!?

All covers made by Takano. He loves many horror movies and serial killers!!

Are you interested in politics and how is the current political situation in Japan?

Yes. I think they work for their salaries and glories. They expose scandals each other during an election period. Although Japan's unemployment rate is high, the politician thinks that a tax will be taken from us! Fuck!!!

Where exactely do you live in Japan? Please, tell us something about your hometown.

We live in Tokyo. Tokyo has all things. It is a convenient town. I live in a suburb of Tokyo. Others live in a near the center in Tokyo. Air is bad as it goes to center of Tokyo.

Have you played a lot of shows there and how is the reaction of the audience to your bulldozing sound? Any heartattacks or collapses?

Yes! Some people collapse, and the others go home.

PSYCHOTOBLACK is the next prove, that Japan owns some of the most extreme bands in this world. Are there any underground bands you like to recommend to the readers and what do you think about the Japanese music scene in general?

Thank you, Klaus! I recommend many Japanese band. Doom/Sludge bands are Corrupted, Church of Misery, Eternal Elysium, Coffins etc... Other styles are Fortitude, Unholy Grave, Butcher ABC, Anatomia, Gallhammer, The Dead Pan Speakers etc...In general, there are many hardcore and rock bands in Japan. Death Metal-bands are gradually increasing. But Doom/Sludge bands are very few in Japan.So, the reaction of Doom/Sludge bands are overseas better than Japan.

Have you any plans to sign with a proper label in the future and give us an insight in your further plans for 2004!?

We will release new demo and compilation CD for Church of Doom Recordings.

I really like to thank you for answering my questions. All the best for you, and good luck with the band....hope you will continue your extreme and destructive paths for a long time! Anything you like to add at least?

Thank you! Let's DoooooooooM!!

Demo-Review - PSYCHOTOBLACK (Demo #1) MCD-R

The Japanese music underground is like a avantgardish kaleidoscope - there are a lot of highly interesting bands to discover, who are playing some of the most bizarre and/or extreme music on this earth. PSYCHOTOBLACK are one of this amazing bands, and this is their first cd-r, entitled "Demo #1". While the opener "Deadman" is nothing special, this five-piece unleashed an uncompromising bleak set of industrial-tinged sludge grinding with bass-heavy bludgeon of doom-laden guitar riffs during the following three cuts and are akin to a sonically disturbing, industrialised EyeHateGod. In a few moments, they are replacing the anger of sludge with apocalyptic doom mongering as early Swans.

The vocals among its schizophrenic highs and lows is the disturbing but cathartic emotional minefield. Needless to say that all songs are cranium-shredding extreme as "Engrave The Misery" or the killing "Risen From The Grave". Mostly the pace is slowed down, gut wrenchingly heavy and immense powerful and the cold-sounding and reverb-drenched production emphasizes the overall misanthropic mood of their sound. "Demo#1" closes with "Disgrace Of God" another excellent song that perfectely embodies the name PSYCHOTOBLACK. Apart of the average first track, this is one of the best demos I've listen to in 2004 and I hope this guys will soonly get the chance to release their first full-length. Excellent stuff!