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Currently, everything is going smoothly for Germany's SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT. Following a successful USA tour at the beginning of 2009, the band entered the studio a few months later to record their debut album 'Long Distance Trip', released in 2010 by World In Sound. The group will also play at this years Roadburn fest and with such a beautiful album on board not much can go wrong. By now, it should be known that SBE are originated from the ashes of TERRAPLANE, which is why I shall not dwell on it. SBE carry on where they have stopped with their demo in 2008. Their heavy sound is ensouled from the spirit of the 1960's and early 1970's - blending classic heavy rock, indian raga, fluid Hendrix styled guitar lines and psychedelic blues. Comparable with the effect of a good joint, their music unfolds an enigmatic power and captivating effect. The overall vibe is definitely hippie-esque, but it's never too gaudy or sickly sweet while the band unfurls a full-bodied vintage sound that is pleasantly warm and crispy. This album offers recreation, variety and excitement and become more intense with each spin.

'Double Freedom' displays the band's talent for fluid, wavy, hypnotizing jamming, however never losing its direction and it's amazing how natural it all sounds. 'Army Of Ignorance' bows before Blue Cheer and also reveals a preference for early Black Sabbath. The same goes for 'For The Lost Souls' with the difference that it's longer and therefore structured effectively. 'Center Of The Sun' is the group's lengthy excursion in unknown galaxies. It draws you in, engulfing you in a sea of sounds and styles, and all hit the skies with amazing climaxes. Even when the band reaches song climaxes they do not loose the sense of unison, they stick to the groove while simultaneously experimenting a little, changing riffs and fills a little. It is a joy to experience. Guitarist Christian Peters is not the most talented singer under the sun, but his relaxed style suits perfectly to the songs and that's the whole point. Well, is there anything I forget to mention? Sure, 'Long Distance Trip' is an exceptionally strong album that is a must have by lovers of classic heavy and psychedelic rock.