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Short after the end of Terraplane in 2007, SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMT has risen from the ashes of that German heavy psych band, and this is their first demo that has been recorded in August 2008. The band, which was formed by guitarist/vocalist Christian Peters (who's also running his own webzine Generated-X), works in the classical trio line-up with Thomas Vedder on drums and Richard Behrens on bass. Mainly influenced by the best jam psychedelia tradition in combination with Indian classical raga music, the band delivers two extended psychoactive tracks here. 'Singata (Mystic Queen)' is a very appealing blues-styled song with additional heavy gutar outbursts and mesmerizing melodies. The ethnic element is strong during the Indian influenced 'Double Freedom' which is filled with sitar textures. On both tracks the rhythm section builds a strong foundation on which Christian Peters pile on layers and layers of heavy riffs, solos and effects. His laid-back style of singing fits perfectly to the hypnotic vibe of both tracks, and I'm pretty sure that this band has more surprises to offer when they release their debut album. This demo will melt minds, so I suppose that a full-length will shoot you straight into the world of Savitar.