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Are you still searching for your current heavy rock album for summer 2011? If so, I would thoroughly recommend the new ROADSAW, released by Small Stone Records in 2011. This record almost seems to have been recorded specifically for long nights, but it also works fine in cars, preferably those having more than 6 cylinders. As already mentioned in another review, I was never a huge fan of ROADSAW's early releases but since 'Rawk N' Roll' I like these cats more and more. Just three years ago I thought that 'See You In Hell!' was their best album, but this one is even better. In the meantime Darryl Shepard has left the band, but I don't miss him because Ian Ross (the new guitarist while at the same time the old one) is doing a very fine job.

But the true star of the show is vocalist Craig Riggs. Without him, ROADSAW most likely would have been just half as good. I also get the impression that he is getting better and better with each new album. His charismatic and soulful vocal style is truly a perfect fit. From the first sounds of 'Dead And Buried' one knows this ride is going to be exciting. It's like a declaration of power and endurance.

There's no pretentious prog stuff, no experimental noodlings and no whiny boy waxing boring indie poetry about his lousy life. Here we have just straight up, honest to goodness, classic heavy groove-ridden rock 'n' roll. We all need it at some point in our life, because that is just what the doctor ordered. This album goes through a number of highlights, including the swaggering funky groove of 'So Low Down' or the anthemic riff-rocker 'The Getaway' and so on. ROADSAW's new self-titled record is a towering, bluesy, kick-ass statement. It's the kind of album that, once you slip it into your CD player, you'll have to listen to it three, four, five times in a row. At least, that is what I was doing because it's really that good. Don't let this one pass you by and play it loud after you purchased it!