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ROADSAW (See You In Hell!) CD

I can't remember if ROADSAW really split or if the band was just on a hiatus for a few years, but whatever happened (or not) here's a new album. After Small Stone Records did an re-issue of their last album 'Rawk n' Roll', they also released 'See You In Hell!' in 2008. Unfortunately there's no album in ROADSAW's long discography, which captured the mighty live sound of this band. I've seen them a few years ago, and this was much better than any album could be. 'See You In Hell' will be no exception, but personally I think it's the best album that they have recorded since the band was formed in the mid-90's. The album consists of eleven tracks including a jazzy intro, and ROADSAW maintain their reputation for being a powerful riff-centric blues-flavoured heavy rock machine, not to forget the mighty vocals from Craig Riggs. His rough voice is as heavy as some of the powerchords from guitarist Darryl Shepard.

He has just a good sensibility for strong riffs and maybe everyone who knows his former band Milligram as well as his actual one Hackman will agree with me. The second guitarist Ian Ross is a good support and both create a thick fuzz-driven wall of guitars, while drummer Jeramy Hemond and bassist Tim Catz lock and gell together for an excellent rythm section. Some of the here included songs like 'Look Pretty Lonely', 'The Rules' or 'Receive' with additional hammond organ are undeniably some of the best these guys have ever recorded. Here you'll find a lot of catchy riffs interwoven into strong melodies, and ROADSAW aren't afraid to include some pop-influences to their sound as they did in 'Go It Alone'. Overall, this album is ROADSAW's proudest moment and if you never have heard anything before from the band than 'See You In Hell!' is the first one you should pick up. At least I really hope that they will record a live album someday.