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MORNE (Untold Wait) LP/CD

As I have said before and I will say it again, MORNE is one of the best heavy crust bands at the present time. Founded by guitarist/vocalist Milosz Gassan (ex-Filth Of Mankind), they embody the perfect symbiosis of later Amebix and early Sacrilege without giving up their own musical identity. MORNE is also convincing on stage what they have impressively proven at the first European tour in 2009. Their first demo was among the best I have received last year as well as the Split 12" with Warprayer. Now finally the debut album is out now, released thru Feral Ward in 2009, and it's fucking brilliant. MORNE has already announced this record with the release of their demo. Some people may not like the fact that the band had re-recorded the demo songs for 'Untold Wait', but after listening to the album I can only welcome that decision. There are different reasons for this. Due to the fact that guitarist Jeff Hayward (ex-Grief, ex-Disrupt) wasn't involved in the recordings for the demo, it's now a real pleasure to hear those tracks reinforced by his massive guitar sound. A further reason for the necessity of 'Untold Wait' is the mindblowing production. On the whole the sound is considerably improved and more distinct than on the demo.

Despite this, the songs are still incredibly sombre and filthy evoking images of a deserted wasteland. Mention should be made of the collaboration with diverse guest musicians named Alicia Morgan, of the band 13, as well as Kris Force, who is best known for her work with Amber Asylum, Swans and Neurosis. Particularly notable is the contribution of Kris Force, which uses violin and cello to create a morbid, autumnal mood in the first track 'Eyes', where they unload their superior riff machine for the first time. Of course on the album are also a few subtle atmospheric keyboard parts, but they only support the pitch-black aura of 'Untold Wait'. The same applies to the violin and cello that appear again in two more songs. So, don't worry: MORNE is a riff-oriented monster, free from any constraints of kitsch. The music is mainly mid paced, but there are also some fast parts, whereas the new track 'Untold Wait' is probably their bleakest moment. I could go on and on with my positive review, but it makes more sense to listen to this tremendous record. Highly recommendable!