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As I already mentioned, MORNE is one of the most promising new crust bands from the USA. Fortunately, their heavy sound is no tepid rehash of the 80's where bands like Sacrilege, Amebix, and Discharge redefined the genre of hardcore punk. That doesn't imply a complete absence of this influences, but they've been interlaced in a clever way. Especially the non-cheesy use of keyboards in connection with heavy, filthy riffs create a menacing, overwhelming atmosphere. We have here now a new self-released split album, featuring three new tracks and it's also for the first time that Jeff Hayward (ex-Disrupt, ex-Grief) can be heard on the new recordings. The demo was simply brilliant, but the new songs drop with the weight of an anvil through my speakers. 'To Rust' is an apocalyptic mid-paced opener of epic proportions followed by 'Truth Is Light' and 'Mirror' where the band increases the speed. MORNE's strong metal influence is very evident in 'Mirror' and it fits just perfectly to their brutal sound. Currently the band is working on their much-anticipated debut album that will consist of re-recorded tracks from the demo plus one new song. Alicia Morgan of the band 13 and Kris Force, who is best known for her work with Amber Asylum, Swans and Neurosis will participate as guest musicians. The album will be released on Feral Ward Records and I can only give you the advice to watch out for it. WARPRAYER is a new band from Bristol, UK, who deliver five tracks of dirty, back-to-basics crust punk with crunchy guitars and pissed-off melodies. In comparison with MORNE the band is less spectacular, but they have their shit together. This is an all over good split CD that is also available on vinyl from Alerta Antifascista, and definitely one of my favourite releases in 2009.