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I had already written a few lines about the history of MISERICORDE so if you are interested please just read the review of their first demo. So I will limit myself to the following: Founded by ex-Year Zero bassist Murray Geddes, UK's MISERICORDE proves that it's still possible to play doom metal without any influences from the era of the NWOBHM. Luckily they don't try to imitate bands like Saint Vitus, Trouble and so on. For this alone the band deserves my respect. Now here is the second demo and not much has changed actually. That is meant as a compliment, because there is no reason for a change. The brutal sound of this three English men is relatively unique what doesn't mean that they have re-invented doom. Maybe they have invented "ultra raw doom" (I was only joking!), because this isn't made for sensitive aesthetes. The songs are full of powerful bulky riffs to make sure that there's definitely no place for nice melodies or pleasant grooves. After a short intro, 'Atavism' is the first heavy chunk leading the listener into a dark and unfriendly world. Murray Geddes isn't the best singer in the world, but his voice is perfectly suited to the music here. Mostly he talks more than singing. Never mind if this sounds strange, but it's cool. Compared with Year Zero the music is less rockin', and offers a more uncomfortable listening experience. All in all, the second demo is a good as the first one and it's available from the band.