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MISERICORDE (Soundscapes For The Disenchanted) MCD-R

Does anyone remember the English band Year Zero? It was in the 90's, when Hellhound Records released their two albums 'Nihil's Flame' and 'Creation' that were really good. Well, they're still good. After the end of Hellhound, Year Zero disappeared from the picture what was really sad. It's no secret that guitarist Mark Griffiths (ex-Cathedral) later joined Blackstar consisting of former members from Carcass, but I have often wondered what happened to the other guys. The first demo of MISERICORDE has answered one part of that question, because none other than Year Zero bassist Murray Geddes is playing guitar here. Musically, there are only a few similarities. Of course, here are also a lot of heavy riffs and they also have a slight heavy rock influence, but the music is substantially darker and Murray Geddes took over the vocals. The band presents four unbelievably cruddy tracks that show a strong and unique identity. Although 'Untitled #5' can't deny its Obsessed influence, MISERICORDE has thrown a lot of English mud and dirt in the mix. 'Soundscapes For The Disenchanted' is a raw and unpolished bastard and you can tell form the band's attitude that they not necessarily try to cheer up the listener. Unfortunately, the band have decided to go on hiatus, but it would be great if they would come back together again. This songs deserve a proper studio recording, though I really like the live recordings here, because they fit well to the rough, mid-paced doom of MISERICORDE. This demo is still available and you can order it directly from the band.