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JPT SCARE BAND (Rumdum Daddy) CD

In 2009, two years after the release of their latest album 'Jamm Vapour', JPT SCARE BAND return with a new record and show the world again that they haven't lost their magic after almost forty years. As in the case of 'Jamm Vapour', their heavy acid rock is, today, not quite as wild and uninhibited as it was in the mid-1970's, but that does not mean that the music has become stale. In contrast to some other heavy bands from the 1970's, they have succeeded in preserving their trademarks while at the same time integrating new influences. Last but not least, their music aged with dignity and still sounds fresh and energetic to this day. In plain words, that means 'Rumdum Daddy' will certainly appeal to the old fans and to those that have never heard anything before from JPT SCARE BAND.

If one has always been a huge fan of the band's blistering guitar violence then the second half of 'Rumdum Daddy' will satisfy most your needs. In particular, 'Intro/E Minor Exploration/Theme From The Monster's Holiday' is further proof of guitarist Terry Swope's impressive abilities. He plays just as he feels - free and unencumbered, but with an iron discipline. I was pleased to hear that JPT SCARE BAND has recorded a third version of 'I've Been Waiting', not only because it's one of my favorite tracks from the band, but also because it's a killer song and h-e-a-v-y blues rock in perfection. 'Rat Poison For The Soul' connects the mid-1970's Black Sabbath era with JPT SCARE BAND's understanding of blues, while 'Bit Of A Minor Jam' shows the band at the moment where they feel most at home, namely during an excessive jam.

Therefore, on the contrary, 'You Don't Wanna Know' is more introverted and reveals a darker side of their sound. Only Terry Swope's significant guitar solo reminds of the band's guitar power, but already on 'Jamm Vapour' they displayed their calm side and I think that it fits very good to their wild sound. They are capable of unleashing an overwhelming jam inferno, but at the same time they can write extremely melodious and emotional songs. I like 'Rumdum Daddy' a little more than 'Jamm Vapour' due to the rougher production, and if you're bored by all the standardized blues rock bands, than it's time to discover JPT SCARE BAND. They are still better than a lot of the junk out there today