The split 7" already showed that HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES (aka HOBP) don't really need John Garcia, by which I do not mean to say, that this collaboration wasn't successful. His voice was an integral part of their sound. This shows up in all the songs which he recorded togther with HOBP when they were sailing under the banner of Unida. But both parties went their seperate ways. Garcia joined Hermano while Arthur Seay, Eddie Plascencia and Mike Cancino went on to form HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES in 2004.

The above-mentioned split 7" with Duster69 has been released by Daredevil Records in 2007 and proved that their fire was still burning. The same can be said for the debut album 'Using The Useless' with the difference that the fire is larger and hotter than ever before. 'Using The Useless' fires on all cylinders with nary a break in sight. Every song is a perfect example of pure, pull-no-punches, badass, metal-tinged hardrock. 'Obey The Snake' is packed with AC/DC-like riffage while 'Highway Grit' is an adrenaline-driven riff-o-rama. Eddie Plascencia's powerful rock pipes fit perfectly to the heavy, crunchy guitars of Arthur Seay and together with drummer Mike Cancino, both form an impregnable rhythm section. Despite the ferocious heaviness, the band still retains their penchant for catchy hooklines.

There are also similarities to bands like The Cult or Alice In Chains, particularly in 'Broken Life' and 'Walk On By', although HOBP have always more dirt under their nails than the other two bands. Or in other words, 'Using The useless' is absolutely suitable for any biker party and as subtle as a 454 big block engine. Once again, Small Stone Records has taken another big fish under their wings and underlines the label's leading position when it comes to ass-kickin' heavy rock. Get in your car, find a long open road and crank this CD to rear-view mirror rattling volumes.