Some of you may wonder, what happend to Unida. They recorded a split-10" and a full-length for Meteor City in 1999, and a second album with producer Rick Rubin, which will never see the light of day, what is really a shame. The band broke-up, and nowadays John Gracia is trying to make some bucks with Hermano. So what happened to the rest of Unida? The other three guys weren't lazy and founded HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES. Instead of looking for a vocalist, Arthur Seay took over the vocals, and 'The Hurt' is their first sign of life. Most of you may ask themselves, if Arthur Seay could replace Garcia and most of you will doubt that he could, but I can assure you that he's doing a very good job. Believe it or not, but I don't miss John Garcia, because Seay's powerful vocals add a good dose of dirt to the song. The track is heavy, drenched in Blues and based on a mighty groove and a good appetizer for more. After listening for several times to 'The Hurt', I hope that there will be an album in the nearest future. Awesome! DUSTER 69 aren't as marvelous as HOUSE OF BROKEN PROMISES, but still good enough to give their song more than one spin. John Hermansen, formerly singer of The Awesome Machine and now Mother Misery and Stonewall Noise Orchestra, did the vocals on 'Going into Red', and it's one of the best songs, I have heard from DUSTER 69. It's heavy and tight! If you dig Unida, than you should buy this collector's item very soon, because Daredevil Records made a limited edition of 666 copies!