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DIRT MALL (Pacifuego) CD

Here, we have the second album from Boston's DIRT MALL who continue where they have stopped with their debut 'Got The Goat By The Horns'. That means rock 'n' roll, which sometimes is close to Detroit's high energy rock of the 1970's. In this moments DIRT MALL have a lot in common with later Hellacopters, but they have more to offer. 'Pacifuego' brings about a more developed songwriting approach, and a fuller, richer sound, than the first album. It also shows the band moving comfortably into power pop and English punk rock in the style of The Clash. Personally, I prefer the tracks that are heading in the Detroit direction, but that doesn't mean that songs like 'Lost In Plain Sight' or 'You've Got The Whole Thing Wrong' are crap. It's just not my cup of tea.

However, 'Standing In The Road' is one of the best songs I've heard from DIRT MALL. It's catchy as hell and displays the band's sensitivity for memorable melodies. 'Calling All Clowns' sounds like a leftover from a Hellacopters recording session and only Johnny Anguish' vocals ensure that this is the new album from DIRT MALL. Please do not misunderstand me: I mean that as a huge compliment. There is nothing else to say about this album except that anyone looking for a groundbreaking album should avoid buying 'Pacifuego', but if you're looking for a tasteful, unspectacular soundtrack for the upcoming summer 2010, then you should give DIRT MALL a chance, because they deserve it.