DIRT MALL (Got The Goat By The Horns) CD

Boston's DIRT MALL stuck somewhere between glam rock, Detroit rock'n'roll, and pop punk with their debut album, that has been released in 2007 thru Daykamp Records. Nice ingredients, cool attitude and even their musical skills are notably good. The arrangements of the included eight songs showcase a talented young band who have their shit together. Best example is 'The Demons & The Damned' where the band manage to keep my interest for the complete running time of 9 minutes. 'Hello Los Angeles' is a good opener to the album - a balls-out rocker while 'I'm not saying what you did was wrong...' rolls on down the highway full of Malcolm/Angus Young riffs. Again, the hooks stick out and DIRT MALL have a keen sense for powerful melodies that stick like glue at your eardrums. The production is crisp, crystalline without polishing the entire sound too shiny. DIRT MALL haven't created anything new, but if you like to listen to catchy rock 'n' roll than you maybe should watch out for this band. This album didn't put the band on a level with The Hydromatics, The Flaming Sideburns or The Hellacopters, but it's a pretty good start. I will have an eye on this guys...