When APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE released their first demo in 2005, they have caused a stir among doom metal connoisseurs. And justifiably so, because they were able to write powerful songs. Their performance was brutally heavy and dark, yet the songs still retain memorable with well-developed melodies. Meanwhile five years have passed and fortunately the band hasn't lost nothing of its original power and talent. 'Lost Sunrise' is their second release for NSP/Eyes Like Snow and the first thing that strikes one about the new record is the fact, that APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE don't play it safe. 'Letting Go of the Wheel' is almost entirely free of powerchords in favour of an atmospheric style while 'December Drives Me To Tears' surprises with additional piano parts, offering a great contrast to the crushing guitar tone. Even the first track 'Last Sunrise (Requiem)' isn't a typical opening for an album, but more like an introduction to the menacing world of APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE. Of cause, there are also moments of hope, especially when a guitar solo breaks through the massive wall of riffs, but most of the time 'Last Sunrise' is a very oppressive album. It's almost like a relief, when the band steps on the gas as in 'Frontiers Of Pain'.

However, 'Coldest Love' is the perfect soundtrack for the next burial ceremony and sucks out the last remaining confidence of your soul. Chuck Brown's clear and expressive style of singing does justice to the desperate mood of the album and he reminds me to Jeff Shirilla (Abdullah). Despite all emotionality, the album still has bite due to its crunchy guitar sound and is significantly slower than its predecessor 'Sincerest Misery'. But it seems as if APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE felt also the need to rock their socks off, and so you'll find three additional bonus cover songs at the end of the European CD edition (Thin Lizzy - Emerald / Misfits - Where Eagles Dare / Celtic Frost - Procreation of the Wicked). The luxurious double LP set contains these three tracks as well as three more cover songs (The Obsessed - Streetside / Born Against - Mary and Child / Misfits - Astro Zombies). None of their versions is spectacular, but offers relaxation after the first nine songs. 'Last Sunrise' is a very serious and lugubrious album. I needed some time to find access to their lumbering songs, but then I was rewarded with an exceptionally heavy (not just because of the riffs) and emotionally very moving album.