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1000MODS (Liquid Sleep) 7"

Because of their promsing self-financed 'Blank Reality' EP from 2006, the Greek band 1000MODS is still fresh in my mind and it's good to see that they are still alive. After almost four years 'Liquid Sleep' is their next sign of life, but unfortunately it's only a 7" with two new songs. It would have been nice to hear more new material, because 1000MODS has great potential, but a new 7" is better than nothing. Side A kicks off with 'Burnt Sleep' featuring all the trademarks of their sound: a thick wall of guitars, heavy riffs, gripping grooves and a psychedelic atmosphere, especially at the end of the track. It goes on with 'Liquid Sleep' on side B that sounds like an instrumental continuation of 'Burnt Sleep'. However, the track on the flipside is significantly heavier and very trippy, reminiscent of Acrimony and, of course, early Black Sabbath. Nothing special, but nevertheless, very entertaining. Now, I hope that 1000MODS will record a full-length as soon as possible, because this 7" proves once more that they are one of Greece's best psychedelic doom bands.