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1000MODS (Blank Reality EP) MCD-R

I received this EP in the middle of 2007, which has been released by the band without any label help or promotion. Hailing from Greece, 1000MODS have a huge and fat sound, wrapped up in a  thick production, which is professional as the complete cover-artwork. The opener 'Dope' is a perfect mixture between later Acrimony and Slo-Burn. Bassplayer Dani G. sounds exactely like the small brother of John Garcia, and it's easy to find out, that he isn't trying to imitate Garcia. He has just no other choice, than sounding like the former Kyuss-singer, but I guess, this similarity is not that bad, as far as one likes Garcia voice. During the remaining four other songs, the Acrimony vibe is less obvious, although 'Beer' f.e. could have been taken from 'Tumuli Shroomaroom'. Just listen to the refrain!

Both guitarplayers are producing a massive tube-driven sound, which is bluesy, with some doomy undertones, and drenched in Sabbathian-grooves. The rhytm-section is tight and builds a solid spine, so that the guitar can take a few solo-excursions, while Dani G. 's vocals add the above mentioned desert feeling to their songs. '4th Dimension Time...' is an interwoven short instrumental, which enriches the whole flow of the 'Blank RealityEP'. 1000MODS are also very safe in different paces, no matter if they're playing slow stuff or heavy stomping mid-tempo burner. This release is pretty amazing, and the band deserves more attention, especially from a good label. Let's see or better hear, if 1000MODS are able to record a full-length, which is from the same quality and class, like this one. Fans of Acrimony and Slo-Burn should discover this band immediately!