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YAWNING MAN has signed with Alone records and FOOZ and ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO will release their new albums in 2005

1. YAWNING MAN with Alone Records

The semi instrumental desert rock cult band YAWNING MAN will release their past and present music through ALONE RECORDS worldwide, during 2005. The band was born in the middle 80´s and it´s currently formed by Alfredo Hernandez - drums (ex-Kyuss, ex-QOTSA); Mario Lalli - bass (Fatso Jetson, Orquesta del Desierto, Across the River) and Gary Arce - guitars (The sort of quartet, Oddio Gasser). The release plans start with "Rock Formations" , a collection of 10 new tracks recorded in late 2004. Also ALONE RECORDS will be releasing the YAWNING MAN´s older songs on a double CD. The working name is "The birth of Sol Music". This recordings to be released in late 2005, will include an extensive booklet and special artwork with genealogic tree about all the desert music scene and the connections between all those bands and what influence they received from YAWNING MAN. The music includes the late 80´s recordings, with around 30 - 35 tracks on it.


"Rock Formations" includes 10 new tracks recently recorded by YAWNING MAN. The band shows what it´s going to be one of the most celebrated albums during 2005. YAWNING MAN´s unique musical style takes the highly aclaimed Brant Bjork´s "Jalamanta" like the way to follow with their new songs. we could say that "Jalamanta" followed a way opened by YAWNING MAN years earlier. Needless to say that Gary Arce as well as Mario Lalli recorded additional guitars on "Jalamanta" and Mario sings in one of the tracks. This colaboration was a proof of respect and admiration that Brant Bjork feels for YAWNING MAN. If we could describe with words what YAWNING MAN´s music sounds like, nowadays, with easy words, that would be a melancholic mix of acoustic space rock and folk, with elements of surf music as well as middle eastern guitar style. The track list to appear on  YAWNING MAN´s "Rock Formations" comes like this:


"Rock Formations", "Perpetual Oyster", , "Stoney Lonesome", "Split Tooth Thunder", "Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway", "Airport Boulevard", "Advanced Darkness", "She Scares Me", "Crater Lake", "Buffalo Chips".


Tour plans for 2005 are still to be confirmed. A biography of the band is posted at Alone Record´s site. (www.alonerecs.com)




2. FOOZ: new album to be released in January 2005.

The new album from FOOZ, called "Fooz II: Space is Dark, It is so Endless...", will be released no later than January 2005. Release plans still to be the same: 6 acoustic tracks (which includes 2 covers: "Space is deep" - HAWKWIND - and " Astronomy Domine" - PINK FLOYD - and acoustic track fron a previously unreleased song). Also, the album contains 3 new tracks, also previously unreleased, taken from the sessions of their first album, "Fooz". And, as special bonus track, the first full lenght "Fooz", re-mastered, keeping the original mixes as they were recorded. 14 tracks and 2 albums all in just 1 cd. There´s no plans to see the band reunited again. This is FOOZ´s last recording to be released by ALONE RECORDS.



3. ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO. New album in 2005.

La ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO is scheduling the recording sessions for their next and new album somewhere between February and April 2005. This will be their 3rd studio record, after "dos". The band already toured all around Europe last summer 2004 for the first time and would like to tour this next 2005 again to support the new record. No tour dates planned yet. ALONE RECORDS also wants to release an EP, previous to their new full lenght, as well as re-relasing "dos" with extra tracks and including the video clip for the song "above the big wide", also doing CD and LP (with 11 tracks and a very limited release). But all this release plans has to be confirmed during the beginning of 2005.





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P.O. Box 4158 - 29013

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