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YAWNING MAN to record live show and more ALONE Records news!

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YAWNING MAN is going to record live performance for a DVD release. The show will be recorded at W2 Club in Den Bosch (NL), on June 17th, during the European tour the band will start on 16th at De Engel Club in Den Helder (NL).

Five cameras and the best crew at W2 will take care of that. Feat. VJ Stalker on the recordings. Roadburn will also be there, featuring their amazing video show. Recordings will be part of a future DVD release that will also include interviews with the members of the band (Gary, Alfredo, Mario, Billy) and other members of the desert comunity, a kind of documentary like tribute to one of the best bands you'll know ever. The DVD will be released later this year 2005. You find the tour-dates here!


Upcoming new YAWNING MAN  Releases:

- YAWNING MAN: The Birth of Sol Music /  Double CD Retrospective

YAWNING MAN will release their highly anticipated double album CD release with Alone Records. The release features early 80's demos as well as gems like "Catamaran", already covered by KYUSS on their "...and the circus leaves town" album. Deluxe package and 2 different releases are planned for this old stuff, and the tentative release date for the retrospective is planned for late 2005.


- YAWNING MAN: Rock Formations. LP/CD (USA)

YAWNING MAN released their first album (ever!) through Alone Records, March 28th. "Rock Formations" is initially released in Europe. Album to be released, manufactured and distributed through COBRASIDE DISTRIBUTION in USA. Release Date is set for June 28th, 2005. "Rock Formations" will be released on both CD and LP Gatefold. (limited ed. LP 1000 copies worlwide!!).Reservations to be served since next June 30th. We serve reservations in stricly order. Please make your orders now!


- YAWNING MAN: Pothead. CD/10"

A new release to be put out before their upcoming tour is "Pothead", a 10" and CD initially planned as a 7", that due to the long tracks to be featured (it becomes longer than expected), needs another format to be released. "Pothead" is a collection of 4 tracks, darker and more extended tracks, that equally fits on any Yawning Man´s release. Just melodic instro - desert rock. Remember, both CD and 10" to be released very soon, anyway, only the CD format will be available during the European June 2005 tour (sorry).

Anyway, the 10" format will be available in 2 different versions, colored and black vinyl, standard version, but with a beautiful poster as gift for you.


Upcoming Alone Records Releases:

We are working hard to bring you some cool stuff this year. By now, we can confirm the following:


- TEN EAST: Extraterreatrial Highway CD

10EAST, new project, formed by Gary Arce, guitarra (Yawning Man), Billy Cordell (Yawning Man, Unida), Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, Orquesta del Desierto). Another trio, more instro sounds, but this time more psychedelic, space - pinkfloydish way of jamming. Jam out overdriven, flowing psychedelic mood rock. Taking your head through a surreal journey through the desert. Using their instruments as tour guides. Close your eyes, sit back and take a drive down the Extraterrestrial Highway. Enjoy the trip as it turns, bends and glides and ends up at lost heads ranch


- HULK: Cowboy Coffee and Burned Knives CD

HULK, from Belgium (Dutch and Belgian people, you know what we say). HULK are smashing the audience from central Europe with their furious power rock made by this amazing trio. This is an spanish edition only, so we'll offer it mostly in Spain, but hey Freaks!, go ahead and ask for a copy through our mail order catalog, right? Don't forget this release features Chriss Goss (Masters of Reality), Brant Bjork, Dave Cathing (Earhlings?) and Jess Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal). Working on future spanish tour dates for late 2005...!!!!.



These are just great news. All we know how good is anything delivered by Mr. Boomer. So we are proud to announce there´s some stuff released by Alone Records exclusively for Europe and it includes 2 new tracks from Mario Lalli and his solo project. Mario has some other plans with Duna for the near future, but in the meantime we want you to know 2 beautiful tracks in the vein of the classic Fatso Jetson stuff. Band feat. Mathias Schneeberger on additional vocals, guitars and organ; and Gene Troutman (QOTSA, Yellow5) on Drums.


Face to Face, we introduce you FCC. FOREVER CHANGING CONCEPT is Richard Kirby, musician from the desert area that played with Gary arce in TEN EAST (early line up). 3 tracks, pure narcotic, melancholic rock from the desert. It's how it is and it sounds like that. Really cool and taking the best influences from BB's "Jalamanta". Under exclusive license from R&B Records.