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YAWNING MAN record release party plus summer tour and more!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

Here are the latest news from Alone Records, featuring YAWNING MAN and actual recording news from ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO.

1.YAWNING MAN. "Rock Formations" Release Party and Billy Cordell joins the band.

YAWNING MAN are proud to present their album "Rock Formations". The release party will be at March 4th, 2005 at the Scene Bar in Glendale, CA - (a suburb of Los Angeles, very close to Hollywood). Don´t miss the chance to see them on stage, and the album will be also available there. Supporte bands are IDIOT'S PRAYER (Chris Cockrells band) and THE SPORES (feat. Molly Mcguire from Yellow#5 / Mondo Generator).


Billy Cordell played bass in UNSOUND, a local punk band Brant Bjork played drums with. Also he played with UNIDA for a while as well as YAWNING MAN. Currently, he plays with THE WIZARDS who at the moment are the local favorites. (They are kinda like a more punk Fatso Jetson sounding band). Billy is the well known local desert bass player who is really good and plays really well. He is really the only person who can fill Mario´s space as far as technical and musical abilities. This addition does not mean Mario Lalli quits YAWNING MAN, far from that, but Billy will cooperate more often with YAWNING MAN now, also for live performances and tour/recordings.


YAWNING MAN and Alone Records work now on an European summer tour for the second half of June 05. Tour dates to be confirmed very soon. Alone Records works on the upcoming YAWNING MAN releases, "The Birth of SOL Music" (2CD), a retrospective of YM´s past music, with great booklet and info about the early years. Also, a new 7" with 4 tracks is gonna be released before the European tour kicks off. Band plans to record "Catamaran" again, specially for this special release. Also, the LP version of "Rock Formations" will be available in early May.

Stay tuned for more news about YAWNING MAN.


2. ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO recording news update.

ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO changed the recording schedule and it has been delayed until summer. New album expected to be ready in late september for an October 05 release. November tour plans are on the air to be confirmed.


3. THE STONE CIRCLE mail order catalog update.

We have added 70 new titles to the newest TSC mail order catalog, also hundreds of titles are available. Mondo Generator, Sleep, OM, Hermano (LP), High on Fire, Alabama Thunder Pussy, Ramesses... Don´t miss the chance to visit us at: www.the-stone-circle.com  and choose for mail order or label news.


cheers, thanks, have fun.

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