YAMA Announce New EP 'Seaquake'

Hailing from Tilburg, Netherlands, Yama is active since 2008 with influences ranging from (60's/70's) psychedelic rock, to doom and heavy rock and delta-blues. Yama released a limited demo shortly after they started touring in Europe, and were recently signed by Mind Flare Media.

The demo is now out-of-print will be reissued in April of 2012 with completely new artwork, now an EP titled 'Seaquake'. 'Seaquake' contains three heavy tracks clocking in at almost thirty minutes. In addition to the EP, I'm running a special promotion for the band where buyers can preorder the EP at half price with a limited shirt in one of two designs. Each package costs only $25 with shipping included in the US, $30 worldwide.

The promotion runs until March 31st 2012, and after this the shirts will no longer be available for sale. People can listen to all of the tracks at the Bandcamp link featured below, which includes a link to the label's official site for ordering the package. The artwork featured on Bandcamp is for one of the two designs.



Mind Flare Media