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WITCHFINDER GENERAL live album ready for release!

Okay NWOBHM and Doom Fiends our ultimate dream has finally come true! A lost recording from Ultra Doom Merchants WITCHFINDER GENERAL has been unearthed from the grave via Phil Cope and will soon be ready for release from Nuclear War Now Productions.

The recording from 1983 shows the band in their finest form slowing the songs down a couple of notches for that extra doom feeling!


The sound quality is excellent and the cd contains 12 tracks all taken from the first two lp's along with NEVER SEEN before photos and original artwork from the band that was never used.


The picture Cd features the incredible Guitar work of Phil Cope and the sinister vocals of one Mr.Zeeb Parkes backed by their strongest rhythm section of Rod Hawkes and Derm the Germ. This their first release in 23 years will crush all newcomers and have Hippies running back to their stoner records stored on their Ipods.


For the new and nu metal fans WITCHFINDER GENERAL were really the first band to capture the Black Sabbath feeling without ripping them off one bit, criminally under appreciated in their time all real doom fans understand the authentic and desperate vibe of the recordings. This out-scares anything currently out touting itself as stoner or extreme doom b.s.


This cd will include an great high quality 8 panel color foldout booklet with unreleased photos of the band!!!


Totally Kult and Fully Licensed Official Release.

tracks are :

1) Free Country

2) Burning A Sinner

3) Witchfinder General

4) Requiem For Youth

5) Shadowed Images

6) Friends Of Hell

7) Death Penalty

8) Last Chance

9) Invisible Hate

10) Quietus

11) No Stayer

12) Love On Smack