What's on CABLE?

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With over a decade of deafening audiences on the road while in support of albums and mini-releases on everyone from HydraHead to Doghouse to This Dark Reign, these Connecticut bandits have sided with Translation Loss, for the release of their newest hurricane of tone-thick low-end demolition, a.k.a. "Pigs Never Fly".

The response from both virgin Cable ears and seasoned vets have come back in overwhelming support of the album.


Randy Larsen - Bass/Vocals

Victor Szalaj - Drums

Aaron Lewis - Guitar

Chris Fischkelta - Guitar



12/18/04 - Saturday

NYC, NY @ CBGB's / Benefit for Kenny from Solace

"It brings a terrifying end to the titele track and the album as a whole, producing a greater sense of dread than any Satan sample ever could."

-Decibel Magazine

"It's hard for me to pick a favorite Cable record as each one is a must have in my book but Pigs Never Fly may just be their best yet.  This is highly recommended to all fans of unique sludge, noise, rock, metal and hardcore hybrids out there. 7/7"

- DaredevilMagazine.com

"The release on Translation Loss Records of their latest full-length Pigs Never Fly represents a milestone for the band both in terms of songwriting and creativity, one of the best Cable releases yet..."

- HellrideMusic.com

"The arrangement is just so killer¦the way the slow, skulking riff fastens itself to the quiet, effervescent guitar interplay of Aaron Lewis and Chris Fischkelta; it kinda reminds me of Pelican in spots, but in a less polished way. The female vocals and Floyd vibe of 'It's My Right to Be an Asshole' is another high point of the disc, along with the furiously destructive title track. PIGS NEVER FLY!!! Don't forget it, muthafucka."

- Peacedogman.com




Translation Loss Records is proud to announce the signing of Dayton, Ohio's MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT (MotA)Translation Loss will release MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT's four song, 40-minute full length record entitled "Time and Withering" in late October. MotA will then hit the road in support of the release alongside Tzadik recording artist Kayo Dot!  Consisting of current members of RUNE, MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT combine the melodic essence of MOGWAI and GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR with the down-tuned heaviness of ISIS and SUNNO)))


You can check out an advance listen of forthcoming MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT material here: HXCmp3.com/TRANSLATION LOSS RECORDS.