WEEDEATER Announce 3rd Time's A Charm Tour; Recording Of New Album Nears

Sludge bastards WEEDEATER have announced several new headlining shows throughout the Midwest and Southeastern US this September. Kicking things off in their home state, the band will devastate the crowd at Raleigh, North Carolina's Hopscotch Festival on September 11th, also with Public Enemy, Tortoise, Kylesa, U.S. Christmas, Harvey Milk and tons more. WEEDEATER will be dropping plenty of new material from the upcoming album on these shows, which will lead directly up to the recording of 'Jason...the Dragon with' Steve Albini, finally. Check out the tourdates.

WEEDEATER have been pushed to their limits over the past twelve months. While it's been a year of heavy and successful touring for the band, it was also a year of catastrophic physical injury to this seemingly invincible trio. Leading off with Dixie Dave Collins' shotgun accident which spawned the brutal 'Nine Toe Tour' earlier this year, and continuing shortly after that with drummer Keko tearing his meniscus after returning from said tour and requiring surgery. Both of those accidents prevented the group's two previously scheduled meetings with Albini. The group's latest installment of injury includes guitarist Shep breaking his pinkie finger while on tour in Europe this July alongside Black Cobra and Saviours. Luckily, Shep can still riff with his cast so the European tour and the recording session were spared.

These accidents have forced the band to push the recording for their now hard-earned upcoming full-length back several times now. Initially scheduled to take place in January of this year, then again in April, the trio will now step into Albini's Electrical Audio Studio this September 15-19 to hammer out their mammoth 4th full-length 'Jason... The Dragon', their 2nd release for Southern Lord Recordings.

Check out the tour poster, killer new live footage of WEEDEATER at Hellfest this summer, raging with their cover of 'Skynyrd's 'Gimme Back My Bullets' and more at this location: http://www.earsplitcompound.com/site/?p=1026 .

Stay tuned for more shows still being scheduled around the band's recording schedule in September, as well as more updates on the upcoming album.