WAR CRY (U.S.) CD 'Forbidden Evil' is done

From the WAR CRY website:

Hello everyone:


It's been a long winter with some ups and downs but the full-length CD, 'Forbidden Evil' is at the plant being replicated. I must say that it came out unbelievable!

Go to our website for a sample of The Executioner (2006)...it'll blow your friggin mind how great it is.



You can pre-order now safely through paypal. This CD came out better than I ever would imagine. Songlist is: The Executioner (2006), The Blind Leading The Blind, R.I.P. You to Shredz, Forbidden Evil (2006), Wicked Warlock (2006), Remastered Trilogy of Terror Demo (1983) featuring The Executioner, Wicked Warlock, Forbidden Evil. St. Valentine's Day Massacre (instrumental), R.I.P. You To Shredz (radio version), The Blind Leading The Blind (radio version). Cover art by Matt Lombard



Metal Media we would like start setting up interviews.

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Horns up everyone!