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Volcanic Ash Forces DIXIE WITCH to Cancel European Tour

The volcanic ash from Iceland is having an affect thousands of miles away in Austin. Austin band DIXIE WITCH was scheduled to be in Europe this weekend to play Holland’s annual Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands.

On Friday morning, the band’s management exhausted trying to re-route the group’s flight. “It’s sad. It’s a bummer,” said Trinidad Leal, the band’s drummer and lead vocalist. “I was packed. We were all set. It was a matter of getting in the car and getting to the airport. You prepare for this. This has been planned for six months. But you never think it’s going to be a volcano. it took a volcano to stop Dixie Witch.”

DIXIE WITCH, a Texas-flavored Southern rock trio, was going to Europe as part of a two-week, 13-date tour in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Leal said he was excited for the band’s first-ever performance in Paris. Now the band likely will get back to Europe next year after recording a new album this fall, he said.