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vidnaObmana news October 2004

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1. Upcoming concerts in Germany and The Netherlands

2. vidnaObmana's anticipated Legacy CD - now available !


1. Upcoming concert in Germany and The Netherlands


October 7th 2004 - Kulturbunker Muelheim, Cologne (Germany)

October 8th 2004 - Cuba, Muenster (Germany)

vidnaObmana is preparing himself in the most detailed way for his ultimate Dante trilogy concert on November the 13th 2004 in Antwerp and therefor he comits himself to do these 2 extra concerts as part of getting focused with the right concertrhythm. Be prepared for 2 concerts filled with raw energy and live extracts from Tremor, Spore and Legacy. For information on both dates (venues, tickets, etc.) please visit the following website :



October 10th 2004 - live on X-rated, Kink FM (The Netherlands) 9pm - 12am vidnaObmana returns to X-rated, one of the best experimental radioshows in The Netherlands, to perform a live set in the studio and real-time on the air. Visit the Kink FM website (www.kinkfm.nl)  for frequences and how to listen to the concert online.


Other forthcoming concerts are November 5th 2004 in Haarlem (The Netherlands, with Holland Symfonia) and November the 13th 2004 at cc Luchtbal (Antwerp, Belgium).  More info on this concerts, visit www.vidnaobmana.be


2. vidnaObmana's anticipated Legacy CD (Relapse Records) - now available !


Is vidnaObmana's closing chapter in his critically acclaimed but challenging Dante trilogy for the Relapse Records label. While the trilogy plays with the duality of choices, parallel to the epic Dante poem - covering the conflict of opposites, between good and evil, black and white - equals vidnaObmana's personal longing for an artistic and creative change in pace, profile and style. Towards his 20th anniversary as vidnaObmana, his drive to expand the music in style from ambient to a wider fusion of genres intensifies with Legacy.


The album marks vidnaObmana's wilful decision not only to expand his oeuvre, upgrade his own experience as a musician but also link and blend his wide interest in different music styles with what he covered musically in the past.Legacy brings forward a fusion of industrial, ambient, fourth world and even some post-rock elements, performed on electric guitars, overtone flutes and an array of electronic devices. This new album also features some unique guestappearances. Local Belgian blues musicians Paul Van Den Berg and Tex deliver recycling sources on electric guitar and bass, and photographer Martina Verhoeven contributes her voice for treatments.


Singer/guitarist Steve Von Till from Neurosis and Neurot Recordings portrays the Dante poem with his distinctive deep and pure voice while Steven Wilson, originator and leader of Porcupine Tree, performs a haunting and thematic electric guitar session (and his longest guitarsolo's in years) to conclude the trilogy.


The participation and support of Steve Von Till and Steven Wilson solidifies vidna's fascination and constant progress into different musical terrain.


Order this brand-new album now through www.vidnaobmana.be and complete your collection with vidna's Dante trilogy.


vidnaObmana association.



info@vidnaobmana.be / vidnaobmana@skynet.be


Confirmed concerts !!

November 13 2004 - vidnaObmana's Dante trilogy concert (cc Luchtbal, Belgium)

November 5 2004 - vidnaObmana in conjunction with Holland Symfonia

(Lichtfabriek, The Netherlands)

October 10 2004 - Live on X-rated, Kink FM radio (The Netherlands)

October 8 2004 - Cuba (Muenster, Germany)

October 7 2004 - Kulturbunker Muelheim (Cologne, Germany)

September 26 2004 - online studio concert (Atmoworks.com)