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vidnaObmana news July 2005!

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

vidnaObmana July 2005 newsletter

1. vidnaObmana's Anthology 1984-1989

2. Fear Falls Burning - update

3. upcoming works

1. vidnaObmana - Noise/Drone Anthology 1984-1989

After the well-received 20th anniversary anthology, vidnaObmana selected and re-mastered rare and unreleased pieces from his obscure and unfamiliar noise and experimental phase between 1984 and 1989 for Noise/Drone Anthology 1984-1989. All pieces were taken from old cassette masters and unreleased studio sessions, thus a lot of time and energy was invested in securing a high sound quality for this CD release. Expect a provoking combination of early drone and atmospheric pieces with sonic assaults of noise and vocal experiments.

The collection includes collaborative pieces with cassette-network pioneers Kapotte Muziek, PBK and Big City Orchestra. An essential compilation that re-confirms vidnaObmana's significance in the independent electronic and experimental music scene. It also shows the listener vidnaObmana's early foundation in meditative music, the path that followed over the next 20 years.  Released on Ikon/Projekt and now available through our mail-order service at www.vidnaobmana.be



Fear Falls Burning - he spoke in dead tongues :

Fear Falls Burning's full-length debut album of vintage guitar drones will be a double CD on vidnaObmana's own Ikon label in conjunction with US-based Projekt. This double CD is set to be released worldwide on August 30th 2005 and features over 2 hours of real-time recorded guitarchords in relation to vintage and replica guitar pedaleffects and tapeloops. This double album solidifies FFB's wilful vision in guitar droning music. In comparison to Fear Falls Burning's tour "First by a whisper, then by a storm" CD, way better balanced and sequenced but equally bold and unique.

Fear Falls Burning - Mort Aux Vaches :

This June 8th Fear Falls Burning did a VPRO session for the Dutch radio station in their famous radioconcert series. The complete radio session is schedule for release on the legendary Staalplaat label in their infamous Mort Aux Vaches series. More on this release and the VPRO broadcast hopefully real soon.

Fear Falls Burning - Live series :

Out of pleasure of performing live, a series of limited edition LIVE CD's is planned for early 2006. Each CD will feature a full-length and exclusive live concert Fear Falls Burning recently performed during his Germany tour in May 2005 and beyond. More on this unique series soon but members of the vidnaObmana association will definitely have the opportunity to sign up for this limited series.

Fear Falls Burning - Concerts :

After his succesful Germany tour this May, Fear Falls Burning will tour again for a few concerts in October 2005. Concerts in Germany, Belgium and The Netherland are in the pipeline so do check out our concertpage frequently. Visit the website at www.fearfallsburning.be for all relevant links and information.




After a friendship of more than 10 years and a few guestappearances on each other albums, Marc Verhaeghen of KLINIK and vidnaObmana finally team up for a series of collaborative albums.  While most of the musical contents is still shrouded in mystery, expect a powerful clash between two significent styles in electronic music.  This first CD album will be released on the German Hands label in June 2005.  More about this exceptional collaboration soon.