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VIDNAOBMANA News August 2004

Created by Klaus Kleinowski |

In the light of vidnaObmana's 20th anniversary we’ve completed the unique 1984-2004 anthology CD for our own label Ikon. It’s a selection of music covering his oeuvre in progress from the early industrialism of the 80's, over the lush ambient soundscapes of the complete 90's until the change in style and profile with the Dante trilogy.

This first release on Ikon has been made in conjunction with Projekt (who released this anthology for the US market) and now available through our website.  Don’t miss out on this unique document.Furthermore we’re proud to announce that vidnaObmana will perform a set of music directly from his own studio in Belgium for Atmoworks as part of their ongoing Atmostream series.


Check out their website for all relevant details : www.atmoworks.com

This Internet concert is scheduled for Sunday September 26th 2004 (hour of performance will be announced later on).Also do plan your agenda’s for two unique public concerts by vidnaObmana in November 2004 in the light of his forthcoming Legacy album on Relapse Records.


As said before, the concert on November 13th 2004 at the beautiful theatre of cultural center Luchtbal in Antwerp (Belgium) will be filmed and recorded for a future DVD release and is one of the last concerts vidnaObmana will do before entering a sabbat period.  This is truly an exceptional event not be missed.

More info on www.vidnaobmana.be or www.ccluchtbal.org


New CD's now available through our mail-order service :

vidnaObmana – Anthology 1984-2004 (Ikon, Projekt)

“A long time ago I was in Antwerpen, Belgium at a noise festival. A young man stands behind a korg synth and puts on some vicious loud noise music. Afterwards he introduced himself as Dirk Serries, the man behind vidnaObmana. Some years later I see him playing again and his music has changed radically: he plays smooth ambient music, but with an edgy touch. In 2004 it's twenty years ago that Dirk founded vidnaObmana and to celebrate this, he releases an anthology of his works, and for the first time some of his noise music is released on CD. Music that was released in his early years on cassette. I am sure it will be a surprise to many and for few a renewed encounter with the noise of years past. vidnaObmana has released many CDs in those twenty years and many were based on one idea, say 'transforming guitars (or saxophone, or church organ) into music, and he developed a great skill in doing so. The power of this anthology is the variation. From the noisy works of the early days to the ambient sounds of the mid-nineties to some of his combined works of electronics and instruments, it's all there. In that sense it is by vidnaObmana standards a really varied CD (maybe even too much variation), but for those who don't know much about the historical development in vidnaObmana's music, this is certainly a worthwhileitem to get. (Vital/FdW)


Still available :

vidnaObmana - Act II : Phrasing the Air (Opera for Four Fusion Works, Hypnos)

vidnaObmana & Steve Roach - Spirit Dome (Projekt)


Concerts :

November 13th 2004 : 8.30pm - Cultural Center Luchtbal (Antwerp, Belgium)The troubled flame departed, having no more to say - Exclusive DVD-concertvidnaObmana goes back in performance mode with this exclusive concert highlighting the release of Legacy (release in October 2004) and the completion of his Dante trilogy. This concert, with the epic title 'The troubled flame departed, having no more to say', will be recorded (for a 5+1 mastering) and filmed for a DVD release in 2005. The theatre at Cultural Center Luchtbal, Columbiastraat 8 in 2030 Antwerpen (at the border with Antwerp and very near to the E19 highway is easy to reach) is a beautiful, modern and very comfortable performance venue.As the title indicates, this concert is most likely one of the last concerts vidnaObmana will dedicate himself to before entering a period of transition and reflection so don't miss out on this unique concert as it will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy and experience vidnaObmana live in concert at one of the best acoustic concertspaces Belgium has.


Tickets for this unique concert on November the 13th 2004 are available through www.ccluchtbal.org


November 5th 2004 : 8.15pm - Lichtfabriek (Haarlem, The Netherlands)

vidnaObmana live in conjunction with Holland Symfonia

Due to vidnaObmana' succesful concert with Dutch organist Willem Tanke during the Biënnale of Rotterdam in February 2003, vidnaObmana was offered this unique chance to work together with the Holland Symfonia, a full-sized classic orchestra. vidnaObmana is composing exclusively a series of pieces for electric guitar, fujara and recycling sources which he'll perform and link with the sections the Holland Symfonia will play. The Holland Symfonia will perform works from John Adams, Penderecki, Bach, Xenakis, Sibelius, Mossolov and Arvo Pärt. A surreal combination fading out the boundaries of styles in music and which may not be missed by the fans of vidnaObmana and contemporary classic music. The Lichtfabriek is a beautiful airy concerthall situated in Haarlem (2031 EM), Minckelersweg 2 - The Netherlands.


Tickets are now available through the www.hollandsymfonia.nl website.


info[at]vidnaobmana.be / vidnaobmana[at]skynet.be

Out now : vidnaObmana's Anthology 1984-2004 (Ikon/Projekt)

Confirmed concerts !!

November 13 2004 - vidnaObmana's Dante trilogy concert (cc Luchtbal, Belgium)


as part of the LEGACY CD release.

November 5 2004 - vidnaObmana in conjunction with Holland Symfonia

(Lichtfabriek, The Netherlands)