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VALKYRIE Announces Deal with Meteor City Records, Festival Appearances

Virginia-based heavy rock band VALKYRIE recently signed a deal with Meteor City Records (The Obsessed, Nebula, Unida). Meteor City will reissue both VALKYRIE's self-titled debut album and their second album, 'Man of Two Visions'. Release dates are set for July 5 (Europe) and July 6 (North America.)

VALKYRIE has also announced appearances at the first annual Fever To Sing festival in Blacksburg, Virginia, on the weekend of March 26-28, 2010 and long-running college radio conference Macrock in Harrisonburg, Virginia on the weekend of April 2-3, 2010.

Founded in 2002 in Lexington, Virginia by brothers Jake and Pete Adams (also of Baroness), VALKYRIE’s twin harmonized guitar leads and clean dual vocals display a "musical telepathy" that only brothers can achieve. With a strong nod to classic doom and traditional heavy metal, VALKYRIE's "genre transcending" sound also pays homage to classic heavy rock bands like Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy while bringing to mind the pastoral and organic sounds of Wishbone Ash and Jethro Tull. With no regard to image, or retro-rock posturing, VALKYRIE's true, classic heavy metal assault continues to turn many heads with its impressive live shows and soul-stirring conviction.