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Update from Iron Pegasus Records: METALUCIFER LP's/CD and DEAD TO THIS WORLD LP/PicDisc available

Brandnew Metal melting releases out NOW:

METALUCIFER 'Heavy Metal Bulldozer' CD/ Gatefold-LP

(The third full length studio attack of METALUCIFER, the reigning king in Heavy Metal Hell. This is the "Western Frontier Version" which is entirely recorded by the teutonic line-up consisting of Elizablumi, Tormentharou and Mamonohunter, who are under the far east command of METALUCIFER's leader Gezolucifer. A total rockin NWoBHM/ 80s Metal manifest.)

- CD (16 page booklet with photos, lyrics, etc) €11,00

- Gatefold LP €12.50

(first copies on coloured Vinyl and Neal Tanaka Patch, €14,00)

- T-Shirt: METALUCIFER 'Heavy Metal Bulldozer' XL, L, M, S €13,50

(Coverdesign on front, line up on back, FULL coloured shirt! Real quality, no bullshit!)

- Special package deal: CD + Shirt = 22 Euros, LP (black) + Shirt = 23 Euros


DEAD TO THIS WORLD 'First Strike for Spiritual Renewance' Gatefold LP/ PicDisc (inside LP sleeve)

(Vinyl Version of this debut album from Norway's crushing DEAD TO THIS WORLD. Aggressive Thrash/Black Metal with grimness and catchy rhythms, delivered by Iscariah, former IMMORTAL mercenary. Sounds like a raging bastard of PENTACLE and IMMORTAL, but with the typical unique style that DEAD TO THIS WORLD already managed to create. Already a classic! THICK Gatefold Sleeve)

- Gatefold LP €12,00

(first copies on coloured Vinyl, €13,00)

- Picture Disc in Gatefold LP-sleeve €13,50

(Picture Disc has totally different design, specially made for this format. See attachment)

- T-Shirt: DEAD TO THIS WORLD 'Old Logo + Warrior on Chariot' XL, L, M, S €13,00

(Black Shirt. Great Chris Moyen artwork, eagle on back)

- T-Shirt: DEAD TO THIS WORLD 'Old Logo + Warrior on Chariot' XL, L, M, S €13,00

(Great Chris Moyen artwork, eagle on back. DARK RED SHIRT, only 20 made)

- Special package deal: LP (Black Vinyl) + Shirt (Black Shirt) = 23 Euros, PicDisc + Shirt = 24 Euros


METALUCIFER 'Heavy Metal Drill' Gatefold LP (HEAVY 180 Gramm Vinyl, thick sleeve!)

(On LP format for the first time to celebrate the 10th, well, now 11th, Anniversary of IRON PEGASUS RECORDS. NWoBHM/Early IRON MAIDEN inspired music with a Japanese touch. An album that secretly helped creating a new interest in old Metal inside the underground)

- Gatefold LP €12.50

(first copies on coloured Vinyl €13,50)


...and this release, still hotter than hell and definitely not for the weak ones...

SADISTIC INTENT 'Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth' CD €11,00

(The studio trax of the ULTRA RARE LP plus the thunderous 'Morbid Faith' 7"EP as bonus on one CD. This re-release comes with 16 page, 5 coloured booklet with lyrics, cool photos, etc. Finally, with this CD, you don't have to pay a fortune to get this "killer of all killers" - cult Death Metal album! HIGHEST QUALITY ONLY!!!)